Personality Development Class

.  Personality Development Class  .

Program 1

Raising Confident Kids (Kids Personality Development)

  • Kids 5-8 yo

Kids aged 5-8 years old will grow up to be more sociable and confident when they know how to carry themselves well, look and feel good about themselves.  This class will teach kids about grooming, personality development, and image, all in the spirit of fun, color and friendship!

Topics covered:

  1. Basic Grooming
  2. How to carry yourself – confidence

Color, shapes and sizes in fun activities in order to appreciate what their unique body and dressing style.

Program 2

I’m a Confident Teen! (Teens Personality Development)


  • Pre-Teens (9-12)/ Teens 13-17
  • For teenagers, Be more confident among your friends and classmates. Be unique and let your personality stand out! Teenagers will learn how to look and feel confident in class and in socials through proper dressing, personality development and good communication skills.

Topics Covered:

  1. Personal Grooming
  2. How to look and feel confident
  3. Correct Mindset – Setting the right mindset for communication and socials
  4. Color Psychology in fun activities for choosing right dressing for their unique personality.

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